MDN’s Value Proposition for YOU

Just what is Marcellus Drilling News and why would you want to follow the MDN website on a regular basis? MDN editor Jim Willis scours the available news about the Marcellus and Utica Shales each day Monday to Friday and culls from the stack the items that likely would be of most interest to producers, supply chain companies, landowners and anyone with an interest in the northeast shale gas industry. Jim spends several hours early each morning sifting through all of the available news so you don’t have to, identifying the things you’ll want to know about to stay informed about this very important issue. All you have to do is scan and spend a few minutes reading the stories that catch your eye to stay up to date. The value for you? Jim spends his time each morning sifting, filtering and condensing so you don’t have to. Hey, Jim just saved you 5-6 hours a day!

How Do You Get MDN Delivered Automatically?

Just how can you easily get notified of new MDN stories each day? Not everyone “consumes” news the same way. Some like to bookmark and visit a website. Others want a quick email. And others prefer it as part of a social media stream, like Twitter or Facebook. MDN has all of those options covered—so you can quickly and easily stay up to date on the topic of Marcellus and Utica Shale drilling. Select the way that works for you:

  • Bookmark. You can bookmark or “favorite” the MDN home page in your web browser: marcellusdrilling.com. But of course, you then have to remember to go and check it manually each day!
  • Email. Did you know that MDN has a daily email alert? Just sign up here: marcellusdrilling.com/email-alert/. Each day at 12 pm Eastern time an alert is emailed with the headlines and first few sentences for new each story, letting you click the headline to read the full story online.
  • Twitter. If you have a Twitter account, follow: twitter.com/MarcellusDN.
  • Facebook. If you would like MDN stories to appear on your Facebook wall (only you will see it, not your friends), just “Like” the MDN Facebook page here: facebook.com/MarcellusDrilling

Advertise Your Message

If you work for or own a business with an interest in reaching a large audience very interested in the issue of shale gas drilling, please consider sponsoring an advertisement on MDN. You can download the MDN media kit with full details about our readers, and your opportunities to reach them via MDN. Just go to: marcellusdrilling.com/advertising/ for more details.

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Great! We would love to have it. Send your news item, tip, or press announcement to: [email protected].

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