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– Watches and reports on the “midstream”—pipelines, compressor plants, and processing stations
– Keeps an eye on the regulatory scene—new laws coming, old laws changing & enforcement actions
– Exposes the antics of extremist environmentalists and their attempts to ban fossil fuels
– Calls out the drillers who are being irresponsible
– Injects a bit of humor into a very serious discussion

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“Marcellus Drilling News has been my one-stop shop for getting the news pertaining to the Appalachian Basin region for over a year now. When my subscription came up for renewal, it was an easy decision to decide to renew. Editor Jim Willis makes my life easier by filtering through the crap news to give me summaries of the articles I really care about all in one place. Since I no longer have to spend half of my day surfing the web to find daily articles from several sources, the time I save by subscribing to MDN makes the small subscription fee well worth it! Thank you, MDN!”
– Lisa R. Van Kylen, Schlumberger

“Mr. Willis, the purpose of this email is to renew my subscription to the daily Marcellus Drilling News (MDN). Additionally, I want to take a moment to thank you for your time, dedication and professionalism in providing the Landowner and other Business communities with this focused, fact based, and quality technical product. I have found it to be timely, accurate, brief and to the point. The information contained in MDN has proven invaluable to me in reducing search time, providing cost savings, and cost avoidance. Initially, MDN helped me rapidly understand drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale. It also provided me with the necessary knowledge of the myriad global and local Marcellus Shale Enterprise issues, opportunities, and players from both a historical and future perspective. I have personally benefited and continue to benefit from the quality of this outstanding future focused product. Please renew my subscription to MDN. Thank you again!”
– John Scotch, Landowner & Business Owner

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