Greene County Landowners Group

Area covered: Green County
Membership: Just getting organized, apply now
Contact: Jen Teagarden, 724-627-7442, [email protected]

  • Are there no Landowners Group in Greene Co.Pa.?

  • Anonymous

    Why would you want to be part of a landowners group? Do you not own mineral rights? If you don’t they will still be able to drill on your land if that is where the rig needs to be placed to produce the shale in your area, but if it makes you feel better even if you don’t own mineral rights and they set up shop on your land they have to pay for land usage. This is not such a bad deal either. If they were to drill on your land they would have to put up whatever fences or gates needed to keep livestock in and also this would provide you with a check every month as long as they are producing the well which will likely be a long time. It does not take long to drill these wells..two weeks at most and the frac work is over in a short period of time as well. I think a small price to pay for a monthly check however large or small it may be. On the flip side if you do own mineral rights they may not even need to put the rig on your land to produce the area and have to pay you royalties for the gas underneath your feet. The gas industry is new hereĀ and the kinks still need to be ironed out of the system but that is pretty much how the cookie will crumble.

  • mills1948

    Trying to find out if there is drilling being done by Noble Energy or CNX, Consol Energy in Greene County, Pa, Windridge, along Riggs Road?