MDN Weekly Update – Apr 10, 2011

MDN is excited to announce the release of our advertising media kit. Although the MDN website is first and foremost a “labor of love,” it is increasingly important to get a few nickels from the effort to help pay for hosting and the various services used to make it all happen. Many websites run Google ads that frankly have nothing to do with Marcellus shale gas drilling. MDN believes even the advertising should be relevant, interesting and add value for the people who visit. Therefore, the only way to secure an ad on the MDN website is by ordering it direct from MDN. No Google ads allowed. 🙂

To help potential advertisers understand the demographics of those visiting the MDN site, we have created a “media kit” which outlines how much traffic the site receives, where it comes from, and what visitors say about themselves (age, drilling sentiment, whether or not they have leased their land for drilling, etc.). The media kit is a complete picture of who visits and why. In this way, we hope that advertising on MDN will be effective and benefit both the advertiser as well as those viewing the ads.

To receive a copy of the media kit with details of the MDN audience and available advertising opportunities and rates (including banner ads and messages in the daily email alert), fill out and submit the form on this page: //

Below you’ll find the “top 5” lists and this week’s calendar listings.

Happy reading,
Jim Willis, Editor

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