Chesapeake’s Missing Slide Blames Media Attacks

Chesapeake Energy posted its monthly investor PowerPoint slide presentation on its website Tuesday morning. Slide number two in the presentation got a fair amount of attention from the media, who pays attention to these presentations. That slide blames an “unprecedented negative media campaign” for the steep drop in Chesapeake’s stock price over the past month or so. An attack which another bullet point on slide two says has failed.

Funny thing—the original PowerPoint was pulled within a few hours of being posted and a new version uploaded with a different slide two—nothing to do with negative press. However, MDN has the original version (embedded below).

According to a Wall Street Journal story:

Chesapeake spokesperson Jim Gipson says the slide in question wasn’t meant to be in the original presentation and, to his knowledge, hasn’t been used in any public presentations. Not intentionally, anyway.*

*Wall Street Journal (May 22, 2012) – Chesapeake’s Other Slide