Rice Family Sells 5M Shares of Rice Energy Stock to Pay Off Debt

Yesterday the Rice family offered up for sale up to 5 million shares of stock in Rice Energy–the first time that’s happened since the Rice’s founded the company in 2007. Rice Energy was founded by Dan Rice III and his boys Dan IV, Toby and Derek. In fact Dan III, who was the most successful mutual fund manager in the U.S. for 10 years, was unceremoniously dumped by his employer BlackRock because BlackRock screwed up by not telling investors Dan was bankrolling a new company (Rice Energy) while at the same time investing in other oil and gas companies that could be construed as competitors via his mutual fund transactions (see BlackRock’s Screw-up with Dan Rice & Rice Energy). Dan was completely up front and transparent and told his bosses at BlackRock what he was doing–it was his bosses who screwed up, and then fired Dan in a blame-shifting move. Dan has been laughing his way to the bank ever since. Rice Energy has been a huge success. Until the end of last year Rice Energy was a private company–the Rices held most all of the stock. They went public last year and began to take OPM–other people’s money (see Rice Energy IPO Soars, Brings in $84M More Than Expected). As part of the IPO process, the Rices took out a loan with Morgan Stanley. Yesterday’s sale of up to 5 million shares is most definitely NOT the Rices stepping back from their own company. It’s actually meant to defend the company from financial market gyrations, as the Rices explain below…

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