Susquehanna Cnty Uses NatGas to Attract New Business, May 19 Expo

open for businessCabot Oil & Gas is a great company that focuses most of its shale efforts in the Marcellus. And every single Marcellus well they drill is located in a single northeastern Pennsylvania county–Susquehanna County. Susquehanna County has been good for Cabot, and conversely, Cabot has been good for Susquehanna County–providing jobs and pumping millions into the local economy. So it was no surprise to learn that Cabot is the main sponsor of a county event being held tomorrow: the Susquehanna County Business Expo. The purpose of the expo? To lure companies to locate or relocate in a relatively rural but rapidly growing county–where the air is good, the people are nice, the taxes are LOW and the gas is plentiful. The not-so-subtle message to businesses located nearby in Broome County, NY (where MDN is written) is that they ought to consider relocating over the border. Specifically in their sights are manufacturers who can leverage the cheapest natural gas in the world! The sad truth is that businesses have been, and continue to, leave the Empire State in droves. Cuomo is driving them out with his obtuse policies. The Expo will be held tomorrow in Montrose, PA. MDN encourages Broome businesses (and business from other areas) to consider attending. Here’s the details…

First up is a flyer from Cabot about the Expo, followed by a short video from the county’s Progress Authority.

Give this video a watch. They have smart people in Susquehanna County. Notice how Tony Ventello, Executive Director of the Progress Authority, not only makes the case for exporting gas out of the county (to keep prices up), but also makes a play for manufacturers to locate in the county to take advantage of some of the cheapest natural gas in the world.