Chevron Donates $250K to Fund Corp Social Responsibility Program

If we were ask you, “What is corporate social responsibility (CSR)–what does it mean?” How would you define it? We have to admit that when we first began to see CSR mentioned a few years ago, we were a bit confused by what it meant, largely because everyone defines it their own way. Here’s a real basic definition (the MDN definition) for CSR: Giving back. Giving back to a local community or to a larger sector of society with time, money and volunteers. Think of it as the “heart” of a company. Companies make money. It is increasingly expected those companies should be “good corporate citizens” and help out the people and areas where they make their money. Why do we mention it? Because companies in the shale industry are big into CSR. For example, Chevron (Pittsburgh) is funding a new Center for Corporate Social Responsibility at Waynesburg University with a $250,000 gift.

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