The Secret to Lowering Water Management Costs in the M-U

Water is expensive. Marcellus/Utica producers are spending millions of dollars on solutions to better handle water–the water they need for drilling and (perhaps more importantly) the produced water they must treat and/or dispose of. At the end of March, a group of M-U producers, regulators and other experts will gather in Pittsburgh to share their secrets to lowering the cost of water management. Should you be there too?

We’re referring to the 9th Annual Shale Water Management Marcellus and Utica Conference in Pittsburgh, March 27-28.

Let’s face it, while prices for gas in the Marcellus/Utica have modestly increased in the past year thanks to new pipelines, the price for M-U gas, like other regions, remains pretty low overall. Water management continues to be a substantial part of the development and subsequent management of Appalachian fields. Regulations continue to get tighter, making water management one of the biggest expenses producers face today. The end goal for any producer is about margins and cutting costs wherever possible. The 9th Annual Cost-Effective Shale Water Management Marcellus & Utica can help.

Detailed Data, Practical Experiences, Tangible Lessons Learned

Case studies and discussions in 2019 will deliver actual information on what was tested, what results were seen, what worked, what did not work and how improved water management best practices have helped E&Ps maximize cost savings. Dig deeper as more specifics are shared. They’re spilling all the secrets at this event!

Speakers include:

One Insight May Save Your Company Thousands of Dollars

Just one key insight or idea from the sessions, or from your own networking and private conversations, may be the key that unlocks tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings for your company. Can you afford to NOT attend? Learn how others are saving big money, and take those ideas back to your company. You’ll be a hero!

Agenda At-a-Glance


> Evaluate The Current State Of Water Management In The Appalachian
Including Water Volumes Sourced, Recovered & Percentages Reused/Disposed

> Practical Opportunities For Reducing The Cost Of Water Management
From Cradle To Grave, While Maximizing Profit Margins

> Real-World E&P Experiences To Support The Business Case For Reuse
What Worked, What Didn’t Work & What Lessons Were Learned?

> Produced Water Recycling & Reuse
Examine The Correlation Between Produced Water Treatment, Optimum Treatment, Water Quality & Well Performance

> Technological Advancements In Water Treatment For Reuse
Improve The Efficiency Of Water Treatment Through Affordable Desalination, Portable Treatment Systems & Beneficial Reuse

> Establish & Execute Water Sharing Agreements
While Managing Scheduling & Logistics Issues


> Immediate & Long-Term Solutions For Disposal
Cost-Effective Strategies To Safely Handle Produced Water When Reuse Is Not An Option

> Alternative Techniques & Technologies For Disposing Water
On An Economic Scale When Reuse And Deep-Well Injection Is Not An Option

> Develop & Implement An Effective Water Transfer Strategy
Focusing On Lowering The Cost Of Water Handling

> Automating Water Infrastructure
Use Automation To Remotely Pump, Store And Transfer Water To Reduce Manpower And Achieve Fuel Savings

> TENORM Management Strategies
Safely & Economically Treat, Handle & Dispose TENORM

Who Attends?

In 2018, over 170 Directors, CEOs, VPs, Managers, Specialists, Coordinators, Analysts, Foremans, Superintendents, and Advisors attended from CNX Resources, EQT Corporation, Chevron North America, Range Resources, Cabot Oil & Gas, Ascent Resources, Black Swan Energy, Carrizo Oil & Gas, Stone Bridge Operating, Antero Resources, Murphy Oil, Noble Energy, Chesapeake Energy, EOG Resources, Eureka Resources, Eclipse Resources, Gulfport Energy Corp, Alta Mesa Holdings, Arsenal Resources, Windy Cove Energy, JKLM Energy, and dozens of leading water management technology service providers.

How Can You Attend?

Full details and a registration form are available at: