Central New York Starting to Heat Up with Marcellus Drilling

A recent article published in The Oneonta Star covered two gas drilling “forums” that were conducted in Otsego County by the anti-drilling group Sustainable Otsego. The article is a lazy, biased view of a complicated issue–but there’s no surprise there. The mainstream media is not an impartial, investigative source of information as it once was. For example, the “reporter” didn’t bother to interview people attending the forums, but instead interviewed the people presenting the biased material. Go figure.

Amidst the standard talking points and mountain of…(ahem) less than objective information (ahem)…in the article, are a few nuggets of useful intelligence on drilling activities in the central region of New York State. Forthwith:

According to geologists, Otsego, Delaware and Chenango counties are potentially rich in gas deposited in the Marcellus Shale formation below ground. Groups representing landowners and gas company representatives have said the findings may make some landowners wealthy.

On how much land has been leased in Otsego County:

The Otsego County Conservation Association reports that 8.7 percent of acreage in Otsego County is leased for natural gas drilling, according to a media release from the group issued Monday. The rate is up from 7 percent reported previously by OCCA.

OCCA said since the beginning of the year, an additional 204 parcels have been signed, totaling 12,190 acres. Parcels now under lease contract number 839, with total acreage rising to 54,443 acres.

And on test wells:

Test wells several thousand feet deep have already been drilled in Springfield and Cherry Valley.

And this on applications for new drilling:

The DEC has received 31 applications for horizontal drilling wells, [Yancey] Roy [DEC spokesman] said, and the breakdown by county is Delaware 23; Tioga, four; Chenango two, and Chemung, two.

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