NY & MA AGs Continue to Hide Secret Communications with Big Green

We continue to be disturbed by the double standard and (we maintain) lawless behavior of the Attorneys General in both New York State and Massachusetts. Both AGs have colluded with Big Green groups in a scheme to shake down ExxonMobil, and both are doing their best to cover up their collusion. We told you in 2016 of the AGs’ refusal to comply with subpoena issued by Congress for copies of their communication records (see NY & MA AGs Refuse to Comply with Congressional Supeona). The AGs continue, to this day, refuse to turn over their communication records for the public to see. What are they hiding?
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Ithaca Suburb Still Irrationally Hates Converting Coal to NatGas

Maybe it’s time to let Ithaca just go dark. Turn the electricity off, or rather, let the plants producing electricity that helps power the college town die off, and let rolling blackouts commence across the region. The battle continues to rage in the lib Dem socialist utopia of Ithaca (Tompkins County), NY over a plan to convert a local coal-fired electric generating plant to use much better-for-the-environment and far-less-polluting natural gas. Yet local antis, who irrationally (and we mean clinically insane) hate fossil fuels, continue to object. Fine. Turn off the lights.
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NYC Antis Continue to Pressure Cuomo to Block NESE Pipeline

Last Thursday, “more than 300” anti-fossil fuel nutters protested to “demand” that Gov. Cuomo block Williams’ proposed Northeast Supply Expansion (NESE) pipeline project. We have extensively covered NESE and the coming decision by Cuomo’s lapdogs at the Dept. of Environmental Conservation.
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PA Sen. Gene Yaw to Intro Bill Blocking NatGas Sales to NY-NJ-MD

PA State Sen. Gene Yaw

Over the years MDN has heard the oft-repeated comment that if New York and other states want to block new pipelines, maybe Pennsylvania should quit shipping its gas to those states. PA State Senator Gene Yaw has also heard those comments and, in a brilliant move, Yaw will soon introduce a bill that does precisely that: block natural gas shipments to states like New York, New Jersey and Maryland–states attempting to (or have) blocked new pipelines from PA.
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NYC Housing Authority Tenant Leader Lobbies for NESE NatGas Pipe

Danny Barber, a NYCHA tenant leader who backs NESE pipeline project

A prominent advocate for tenants who live in New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) apartment buildings is speaking up to support Williams’ Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project. Daniel Barber, head of the Citywide Council of Presidents of NYCHA tenants’ associations, announced yesterday that without NESE, what’s already a crisis will become even worse. People without heat in the winter and without hot water year round. You MUST watch a short video (below) and read about how some of New York’s poorest residents will be harmed if NESE is blocked by Gov. Cuomo.
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Con Ed Threatens NYC Proper: No New Pipe, No New Gas Customers

In a new and important development in New York State’s war against natural gas pipelines, local utility Consolidated Edison says if the Williams Northeast Supply Enhancement (NESE) pipeline project is delayed or canceled, not only will Westchester suburbanites continue to be subject to Con Ed’s ban on new customers from hooking up to receive natgas, so too will customers who live in New York City itself.
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Did Constitution Pipeline Prospects Improve with Trump Exec Order?

During the signing ceremony on Wednesday when President Trump signed two executive orders to make it harder for states to block new pipelines for political reasons, Trump revealed part of the motivation for the EOs when he said, “And also, in New York, they’re paying tremendous amounts of money more for energy to heat their homes because New York State blocked a permit to build the Constitution Pipeline.” So we ask the question, will Trump’s EO actually help get the Constitution built?
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Trump Signs Executive Order Making it Harder to Block Pipes

President Trump visited Houston, Texas yesterday to sign a pair of Executive Orders to help spur more energy infrastructure development across the country. In particular, the orders were aimed at clearing away roadblocks some states (like New York) put up to try and block new pipelines. Was it a silver bullet that will mean projects like the Constitution Pipeline will now get built? Sadly, no. But it was, according to many in the oil and gas industry, “a step in the right direction.”
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National Grid Faces Opposition to Tiny Pipeline in Albany Region

The bright red line indicates the pipeline’s proposed route (click for larger version)

On February 1, 2019, National Grid filed a petition with the New York Public Service Commission for a “Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need” (i.e. permission to build and operate) for a tiny 16-inch, 7.3-mile natural gas transmission pipeline. The purpose of the new pipeline is to beef up supplies of natural gas in the Capitol region of the state–around Albany. A public hearing was held yesterday in East Greenbush, NY and of course a group of antis who irrationally hate fossil fuels showed up to embarrass themselves.
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Prominent Environmentalist Tells Cuomo: You’re Wrong on NatGas

Norris McDonald

We spotted an op-ed in the left-leaning New York Daily News that surprised and shocked us. Norris McDonald, founder and president of the African American Environmentalist Association, wrote an article as an environmentalist that tells New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo that he’s wrong about pipelines and the continued use, even expanded use, of natural gas. This prominent environmentalist says, “…natural gas remains an important part of the climate change solution.”
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Trump Visiting Houston Wednesday to Sign Pipeline Exec Order

Last week MDN reported that the white hot chatter that President Trump will soon issue an Executive Order (EO) overruling states like New York from preventing critical federal pipeline projects is about to become a reality (see Trump Exec Order Coming to Overrule NY on Blocked Pipelines). And indeed it is. This coming Wednesday, Trump will visit a union training center in Houston where he will announce (and presumably sign) the EO.
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FERC Overrules NY DEC on Northern Access Pipeline Rehearing

Last August the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) issued a decision overruling the New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to allow National Fuel Gas Company’s Northern Access Pipeline project to proceed (see Big News: FERC Overrules NY DEC to Approve Northern Access Pipe). The DEC subsequently asked FERC to reconsider the decision. FERC did, and ruled on Tuesday that they were right the first time–the DEC forfeited the right to issue permits for the project by taking too long.
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DC Circuit Court Slaps Down NY, NC Request to Block 3 Pipelines

In addition to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) slapping down the New York DEC this week (see our lead story), on Wednesday the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals slapped down both New York and North Carolina regulators who tried to block three important Williams pipeline projects, all related to the mighty Transco Pipeline.
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NY DEC Nervous that FERC Will Overturn Constitution Pipe Ruling

The Cuomo-corrupted New York Dept. of Environmental Conservation (DEC) is spitting and sputtering, “warning” the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission that if they (FERC) decide to rule that NY took too long to approve the Williams Constitution Pipeline and now gives the project a go-ahead, the DEC intends to rain down all sorts of legal hell on the agency. Which tells us one thing: the DEC is VERY nervous that their power to block pipeline projects is about to be neutered.
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NY’s Indian Point Nuke Plant Down for 2 Weeks – NatGas Saved the Day

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo finally got his wish last year by forcing the operator of the Indian Point Energy Center (nuclear power plant) located near New York City to agree to partially close down next year, and fully close down in 2021. We recently got a small preview of what will happen when Indian Point goes offline. In March Indian Point went completely offline for two weeks–scheduled outage for one reactor, and a malfunction in the other. Guess which form of energy took up the slack? It wasn’t solar. It wasn’t wind. It wasn’t hydro. It wasn’t magic fairy dust. It was natural gas that rode in to save the day.
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Trump Exec Order Coming to Overrule NY on Blocked Pipelines

Credit: NBC News

Although it’s still talk, the talk is now white hot and all indications are that President Trump will soon issue an Executive Order (EO) that declares important pipeline projects–like Williams’ Constitution and Northeast Supply Enhancement projects–are critical for national security, and that states like New York trying to block those projects just because they’re fossil fuel projects will not stand.

IMPORTANT UPDATE 4/4/19: White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow has confirmed a Trump EO is about to be issued on pipelines. See article below.
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