Exxon Fights Back, Countersues AGs & Big Green Attorneys

It’s about time! The gloves need to come off and our side (pro-fossil fuel) needs to aggressively launch lawsuits against the lawyers and groups who continue to launch a barrage of frivolous lawsuits against us, trying to shut down all fossil fuel companies (but not before they empty fossil fuel company coffers). Exxon is fighting back. The gloves are off. It’s time to talk about Fight Club–out in the open. We have, from time to time, chronicled the lawsuits launched by New York State’s out-of-control Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman. Schneiderman, Massachusetts AG Maura Healey and other lefty Dems formed an unethical secrecy pact in their campaign to shake down Exxon Mobil by claiming the company “knew” man-made global warming exists and that burning the nasty fossil fuels the company produces contributes to it (see Smoking Gun: AGs Signed Pact to Keep Exxon Documents Secret). It doesn’t matter that man-made global warming is an unproven theory–not even real science. Schneiderman and his cabal of legal jackals tried to gang up on the Exxon Mobil water buffalo–except this time the water buffalo prey is healthy and is fighting back, by launching lawsuits against Schneiderman and others whom he is colluding with. It’s time to take down the jackals…
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Former NY AG Accuses Current AG of Corruption re Exxon Witch Hunt

It seems like forever we’ve been telling MDN readers that the Attorney General in the State of New York, Eric Schneiderman, is corrupt. We’ve written dozens of stories about Schneiderman (see them here). Schneiderman has targeted shale companies, pipeline companies, and his biggest gambit to date: ExxonMobil. Schniederman, in collusion with Big Green groups and several other far-left Democrat AGs, launched an investigation into Exxon last year, claiming Exxon “knew” that mythical man-made global warming is real and that their products (oil and gas) contribute to said global warming and that they (Exxon) have hidden their “research” from investors for years. Schneiderman has changed his story several times about why he launched the investigation–and what he’s looking for. He has demanded all sorts of internal documents from Exxon. In return, Exxon has demanded emails and documents from Schneiderman–to expose his collusion with Big Green. Schneiderman has refused such court orders. The man is an out-of-control menace. But it’s one thing for MDN to say it. “There goes Jim again, harping on an issue like Schneiderman, you know how Jim tends to exaggerate.” So if you don’t believe us when we say Schneiderman is corrupt, perhaps you’ll believe a former Attorney General of New York, Dennis Vacco, when he says Schneiderman is corrupt…
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ExxonKnew Radicals Suffer Major Federal Court Defeat in Mass.

Last week MDN told you that New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, had just ruled that the New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has the right to demand documents in a court case that accuses Exxon of hiding internal research that shows burning oil and gas leads to catastrophic, man-made global warming (see NY Court Tells Exxon to Turn Over Records to Corrupt AG). This part of the coordinated, colluding effort by Big Green groups to try and shake down Exxon for billions, to “take down one of the biggest” fossil fuel companies, hoping others would fold like a deck of cheap cards, part of the #ExxonKnew campain. Since we brought you that bad news, it’s only fair to bring you the good news too. Not long after the corrupted high court in NY delivered that verdict, a federal judge in Boston dealt a major blow to environmental activist groups suing Exxon as part of the #ExxonKnew campaign. In Boston, a judge ruled the Conservation Law Foundation (CLF) suing Exxon had unnecessarily injected global warming flummery into its lawsuit–and the CFL was ordered to refile their lawsuit without it–essentially gutting their effort to sue Exxon. It was a stand-up-and-cheer moment…
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NY Court Tells Exxon to Turn Over Records to Corrupt AG

Bruce Plante Cartoon

New York’s highest court, the Court of Appeals, has just ruled that the New York State Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, has the right to demand documents in a court case that accuses Exxon of hiding internal research that shows burning oil and gas leads to catastrophic, man-made global warming. Schiederman has been on a witch hunt for more than year. Schneiderman himself is accused of secretly (illegally) colluding with Big Green groups in targeting Exxon. Schneiderman has been subpoenaed and told to turn over emails and other records, and he has refused to do so (see NY AG, Others Served Congressional Subpoena re Exxon Witch Hunt). Yet Schneiderman demands Exxon turn over records for his fishing expedition. The man is a menace–and a putz. Unfortunately New York’s high court appears to be corrupt too–witness their decision to uphold local frack bans (see Shale Drilling in NY is Over – High Court Upholds Town Bans). Now the high court says Exxon must comply (like a Borg drone) with Schneiderman’s request. Our advice to Exxon: Pull a Hillary and say the emails got deleted from a private server. Hey, it worked for her!…
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NY AG Schneiderman Takes Russian Oil Money, Attacks US Shale

NY AG Schneiderman

If this doesn’t beat all. New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has, for years, been at the center of a conspiracy to shake down Exxon Mobil by claiming the company “knew” that burning its fossil fuels would lead to man-made global warming, and that Exxon actively worked to suppress that knowledge in the public sphere. Earlier this year Schneiderman refused (still refuses) to turn over emails that show he has been colluding with Big Green groups and those who fund them in a conspiracy against Exxon (see NY’s AG Schneiderman Sowing the Seeds of His Own Destruction). It’s now time to remove Schneiderman from office. Evidence has come out that Schneiderman has accepted more than $60,000 from a Ukranian billionaire with ties to Russia’s big oil companies. That is, Scheiderman has taken campaign money (bribes?) from Russian oil–and turned around and attacked American oil and gas. Schneiderman is fully behind New York’s ban on fracking. He’s also in there fighting against natural gas pipelines. Scheiderman has also received a whopping $251,000 from liberal billionaire Communist George Soros (and the Soros family). Soros is another Exxon enemy. So how does that work Mr. Schneiderman? You take money from Russian Big Oil and Communists, only to turn around and attack America’s shale industry? Really? It’s corrupt, and Schneiderman needs to go, NOW…
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Radicals Admit #ExxonKnew Effort Aimed at Suppressing Free Speech

A radical activist “closely aligned” with the #ExxonKnew campaign to try and bankrupt the oil giant has admitted the campaign is not really about a “cover-up” by Exxon that it “knew” global warming is real and that its oil/gas is contributing. In a bombshell admission, Naomi Oreskes says the #ExxonKnew campaign is actually about punishing Exxon for arguing against specific Big Green climate policies–not about what the company “knew”. That is, she admits it is about removing Exxon’s right to free speech. Shutting them up. Bullying them into silence. This is how free speech dies folks–when the fascist left demands nobody says anything they don’t like. Thankfully, Exxon is sticking up for free speech and our First Amendment rights…
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RINOsaurs Enlist Help from Big Oil to Push Insane Carbon Tax

A group of creaking, tottering old RINO (Republican in Name Only) dinosaurs (i.e. RINOsaurs) left the golf course long enough to lobby President Trump on the insane idea of a so-called “carbon tax” back in February (see RINOsaurs Lobby Trump to Enact Socialist “Carbon Tax”). Two of them were from the Ronald Reagan Administration–George Shultz and James Baker III, both former Secretaries of State. A carbon tax is nothing more than a way to slap a regressive tax on every citizen of the country–as if we aren’t already taxed enough. If you live in the great middle class of this country, you already pay close to 50% of your income in various federal, state, local, property, sales and other taxes. Add it up sometime, you’ll see we’re not exaggerating. A group of Republican “elder statesmen” (as fake news source CNN calls them) met with Team Trump at the White House to push this disastrous plan, calling it (be careful not to vomit), “conservative.” There’s nothing conservative about it. We thought perhaps that was the end of it, and the the RINOsaurs lumbered back to the golf course. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Somehow the old farts have now enlisted the help of some Big Oil companies, including Exxon Mobil and BP, to help push a carbon tax in the U.S. We have little doubt Trump will go for it (he’s not stupid, like establishment swamp dwellers around DC). However, we find it troubling that people in our industry are buying into the hype around man-made global warming, and see a tax as the potential fix…
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Top 10 Natural Gas Producers in the U.S., Post-EQT/Rice Merger

As we were reading about yesterday’s big news of EQT buying Rice Energy, we came across a couple of lists (same list, different sources) listing the top 10 natural gas-producing companies in the United States. The list was reworked to show that the combination of EQT and Rice will create the #1 largest natural gas-producing company in the country. An astonishing feat. But what caught our eye in looking over the “top 10” list was just how many of the companies in that list have operations in the Marcellus/Utica. At one time or another, all 10 of the top 10 owned leases and/or drilled in the Marcellus/Utica. By our count, 8 of the top 10 still do. You already know that EQT/Rice will become the #1 producer. But who is #2, and #3? And what about the rest of the list? We have it for you below…
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Exxon Takes Aim at NY AG’s “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose” Witch Hunt

On Friday, Exxon Mobil took the gloves off and went after the out-of-control New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman. Last year Schneiderman decided he would try to shake down Exxon for billions of dollars, claiming the company wasn’t being honest with shareholders about the threat of man-made global warming, which doesn’t actually exist. He said Exxon should have done more to warn shareholders that they invest in a filthy, rotten, human-killing Big Oil company–a company whose stock will someday implode. We’ve covered Schneiderman’s witch hunt from the beginning (see our stories here). Schneiderman tried to enlist the assistance of other attorneys general, including the fruity Maura Healy from Massachusetts. Some (like Healy) have stayed with him, others abandoned him when it became obvious Scheiderman was behaving like Captain Ahab in Mody Dick, hunting his own great white whale. Schneiderman originally said Exxon underplayed the threat of global warming. Recently, he changed it up and now says Exxon has overplayed the threat. He’s desperate. On Friday, Exxon, in responding to this latest change in tactic, said Scheiderman is making “inflammatory, reckless and false allegations.” You don’t get any more plain-spoken than that! This is now a bare knuckles fist fight. We’re betting on Exxon…
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ExxonMobil & Employees Contribute More than $50M to Higher Ed

You know how money-grubbing, cheap, careless and in general no-good those Big Oil companies are, right? They only care about themselves. They seek to rape and pillage Mom Earth, keeping piles of gold in their coffers, killing humankind in the process. That’s the picture painted by anti-fossil fuel nuts. Here’s the real picture: In 2016, between employees and the corporation, Exxon Mobil donated more than $50 million to colleges and universities across the United States. That is a staggering number. Many of those colleges and universities were located in the Appalachian basin (Marcellus/Utica), including $2.7 million in PA, $800K in OH, $1.4 million in VA, $3.2 million in NY and $1.2 million in NJ. Just the opposite of the negative picture painted by the enemies of fossil fuels…Continue reading

NY’s AG Schneiderman Sowing the Seeds of His Own Destruction

New York’s corrupt Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, is getting desperate. We want to go on record as one of the first to say he’s sowing the seeds of his own destruction. Schneiderman is a train wreck waiting (and about) to happen. We refer, of course, to Schneiderman’s eerie similarity to Captain Ahab in Moby Dick in attempting to hunt down ExxonMobil, Schneiderman’s great white whale. Recently Schneiderman, in cooperation with a sycophantic mainstream media, released information that former CEO Rex Tillerson (now Secretary of State) had a second email account. But unlike Hillary Clinton, Tillerson’s second account was not on a private server and was not used (as Schneiderman alleges) to secretly discuss how Tillerson “knew” burning oil and other fossil fuels causes mythical man-made global warming. Schneiderman’s action in running to the press to “reveal” a “secret” email account is a faint–a way to misdirect people from the real story, which is that Schneiderman continues to refuse to disclose his own emails that prove this whole Exxon witch hunt began when Schneiderman colluded and closely coordinated with the Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Rockefeller Family Fund, and billionaire green activist Tom Steyer. A log of emails shows coordination just prior to the launch of the #ExxonKnew campaign for which Schneiderman is the point man. He’s desperate to avoid releasing his own emails–emails that will implicate him…
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Radicalized Kids Suing Over Global Warming to Depose Tillerson

In August 2015, MDN told you about a lawsuit brought by a group of left coast radicalized children who want to force the federal government to become communist and “force action” on mythical climate change (see Group of Kids Sues U.S. Govt to Force Action on “Climate Change”). In January 2016, we brought you an update, telling you that radicalized, fringe Catholic groups had joined the cause with the ignorant children (see Climate Change Lawsuit by Radicalized Children Gets Interesting). Now comes word that this silly (and sick) effort continues. The radicalized children, and the lawyers abusing them, will get to depose Rex Tillerson under oath on Jan. 19 about his knowledge of mythical man-made global warming. Yep. The lawyers will put Tillerson on the hot seat the day before Donald Trump is inaugurated. Tillerson is Trump’s pick to become the next Secretary of State–and man oh man do we need a good one after the twin disasters of John Kerry and Hillary Clinton. The deposition will be more about attempting to give Trump a black eye than it will about so-called global warming…
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T-Rex Retires as Chair/CEO from Exxon, Darren Woods Replaces Him

Darren Woods – New Exxon CEO

As we reported yesterday, President-Elect Trump has nominated Exxon Mobil CEO and Chairman of the Board, Rex Tillerson (T-Rex) to become the next Secretary of State (see Trumps Picks Fossil Fuel Advocates for Sec State & Dept of Energy). It was rumored that Tillerson was planning on retiring next year anyway. Trumps nomination has sped up that process. Exxon is the largest publicly traded oil company in the U.S. and the world (although there are four other state-owned, non-public companies that are bigger, revenue-wise, see Wikipedia). Exxon’s shareholders, while honored that Tillerson has been tapped for Sec State, are skittish and want to know what the plan is moving forward. That plan is now clear: Exxon yesterday announced that Darren Woods, the youthful (51 years old) current president of the company, will be elevated as Chairman of the board and CEO, to replace Tillerson…
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Trumps Picks Fossil Fuel Advocates for Sec State & Dept of Energy

We’re sure you haven’t missed the news that President-Elect Donald Trump (we love saying those words!) has nominated current Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson (T-Rex for short) to become the next Secretary of State–and fourth in line to the presidency. Tillerson is a great pick, for many reasons. He’s been doing deals in some 50 countries across the planet, dealing with some nasty customers during that time. T-Rex knows how to get things done–and he knows how to be a diplomat. He deals from a position of strength, not of weakness as our current SecState (John Kerry) and previous SecState (Hillary Clinton) have done. T-Rex will command attention and respect across the planet. And he’s a oil guy to boot–how great is that! Equally great news is Trump’s pick to run the Dept. of Energy–former Texas Gov. Rick Perry. We’ve always liked Rick (we supported him over Romney in 2012). Perry was the longest-serving governor of Texas, the biggest oil producing state in the country. He knows oil and gas, and he knows how to lead. What a breath of fresh air! Here’s some background on Trumps two key picks who have deep o&g experience…
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MA & NY AGs Summoned to TX Court re Collusion in Exxon Witch Hunt

jail cellIt’s about time! A U.S. District Court Judge in Texas recently granted Exxon the right to examine “internal phone records, other communications and depositions” of far-left Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey, related to her involvement in attempting to persecute Exxon Mobil for daring to say man-made global warming may not be all it’s cracked up to be (see Federal Judge Says MA AG Acted in “Bad Faith” re Exxon Witch Hunt). That’s not good for Ms. Healy. Now the Texas judge has gone one step further and has summoned Healey to Texas to be deposed, under oath. The same judge has told New York’s Attorney General, Eric “the schmuck” Schneiderman to “save the date”–he’ll be coming to Texas to testify too. Schnedierman and Healey’s collusion with Big Green groups to target Exxon has been well documented. Before this is all done, the two AGs may be staring at the rest of us through the bars of a jail cell, prosecuted as the climate mobsters they are. The witch hunters are now the hunted…
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Exxon Asks Judge to Dismiss NY AG Schneiderman’s “Flimsy” Subpoena

Eric Schneiderman

Yesterday MDN brought you the news that a federal judge had voiced the suspicion that Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey has acted in “bad faith” with respect to her so-called investigation of Exxon Mobil over Exxon’s refusal to endorse her claims of man-made global warming (see Federal Judge Says MA AG Acted in “Bad Faith” re Exxon Witch Hunt). Healey along with her co-conspirator, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, are attempting to violate the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution by denying Exxon and its employees the right of free speech–to disagree with a government or government official. Exxon is now on a roll. After getting the judge to force Healey to turn over email and phone records she’s desperately trying to keep secret, Exxon has asked the judge to quash Schneiderman’s “flimsy” subpoena that he’s been using to try and find something–anything–that he can use to indict Exxon. Schneiderman is trying to run a scam–a way to shake down Exxon for millions (or billions) that will go into state coffers. It’s sick. Let’s hope the judge does the right thing. If he does, Schneiderman will be totally and completely humiliated (and perhaps subject to charges himself)…
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