Three Jay Township Supervisors Reject Access to Water for EOG Resources

Three Jay Township supervisors have voted to deny access to water to EOG Resources for drilling in Elk County, Pennsylvania. EOG had requested access to the Bennetts Branch of the Sinnemahoning Creek by driving across township-owned land, specifically near a ball field.

According to the Courier-Express/Tri-County Sunday (DuBois) newspaper:

During Thursday’s Jay Township Supervisors meeting, the supervisors said they would not give EOG permission to use township land to access the stream because they still have a lot of unanswered questions.

EOG wants to withdraw the water for gas drilling in the Marcellus Shale, Supervisor Murray Lilley said.

Since October or November 8, the township has received three requests to withdraw water from various streams in the township, Supervisor Bob Coppolo said.

In each case, a letter was written by the supervisors to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission and copied to elected officials and the Department of Environmental Protection expressing concern.

The township is concerned about having water trucks going in and out of a recreation area where youth gather and play.

There are also questions of if the township would be liable if anything happens since it would be on township property.

And this interesting comment:

Asked by a resident if the township had to allow the company access to the stream, Coppolo said, “It’s our property.”

Although it is a favorable time economically to have this type of work, it is also important to preserve the community and the beauty of the area, he said.

Marcellus Drilling News thoughts: Hopefully Supervisor Coppolo means “our” as in the people of the township and not the private fifedom of he and his fellow supervisors. We encourage Supervisor Coppolo to talk with ALL of the people in the township, including landowners who have leased their property for drilling.

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