Heckmann and Energy Transfer Partners to Bring Wastewater Treatment Plants to the Marcellus

BusinessWire (Feb 9)
Heckmann Corporation and Energy Transfer Partners, L.P. Sign Agreement to Provide Turnkey Solutions for Water Flows Created by Oil and Gas Drilling

Heckmann Corporation and Energy Transfer Partners have entered into a 50/50 joint venture to deliver solutions for:

“transportation and treatment solutions for supply, drilling, flow back, produced, and other types of discharged waters generated in the Marcellus and Haynesville Shale natural gas development areas.”

Also according to the joint press release:

“Heckmann and ETP have identified several potential projects and have begun the engineering and preliminary permitting necessary to proceed with construction of water pipelines, treatment, and other related facilities.”

The press release does not comment on where said projects and proposed facilities will be located. Handling waste water is one of the hot-button issues with drilling. Stay tuned.