East Resources Donates $50K to Tioga County, PA 4-H in Goodwill Gesture

East Resources, an independent oil and gas drilling company with a big stake in Tioga County, Pennsylvania, has just donated $50,000 to the Tioga County 4-H.

East Resources, Inc. today signed an agreement with Penn State’s Cooperative Extension Service to create a new 4-H endowment fund for Tioga County. East created the endowment with an initial principal investment of $50,000. The fund will be used to supplement financial support for the Tioga County 4-H program and may include educational awards for 4-H members.

“East Resources has a major stake in Tioga County’s future through its oil and gas interests, and our contribution to this endowment reflects East’s commitment to help sustain that future,” says Bob Long, the company’s executive vice president. “Tioga County’s young men and women are the key to the long-term health of our communities, and we appreciate the significant role that the county 4-H program plays in helping them grow into productive, self-directed citizens.”*

Non-profits are always looking for new funding sources. Given that East Resources plans to drill upward of 6,000-7,000 gas wells in Tioga in the next few years (see this story), it’s nice to see them “giving back” to the community in this gesture of goodwill.

*The Wellsboro Gazette (Mar 3) – East gives $50,000 to 4-H