Range Resources Meets with Murrysville, PA Residents to Discuss Drilling Near Residential Areas

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette published a good account of a meeting between Range Resources and residents from the Murrysville (Westmoreland County, PA) area about Range’s plan to drill a Marcellus Shale gas well in that area.

Range Resources has submitted a plan to drill on a 6.1-acre parcel that is near the intersection of Saltsburg and Logans Ferry roads, an area that is in close proximity to the Murrysville/Plum border, along with the heavily traveled Golden Mile Highway and several business and residential areas.

A packed audience in the Franklin Regional High School auditorium listened intently, then lathered the Range Resources contingent with questions about how the drilling—scheduled to begin in late 2010 or early 2011—will affect those living in the affected area.*

Water contamination, truck traffic, road damage and other questions were discussed in a 3-hour session with Range. Read the full article for more.

*Pittsburg Post-Gazette (Apr 15) – Marcellus shale meeting held

  • adg1984

    We New York landowners should be as PROGRESSIVE MINDED as those in Pennsylvania. New York is and wants to remain the WELFARE CAPITAL of the United States. Its press only gives voice to those whose
    minds are based in the middle ages, and are lead by those who have allegiance and hold dual citizenship to another country.Its true capitol “wallstreet” reeks havoc on the rest of the state and indeed the world.

  • Jim

    adg1984…Not quite sure what your point is with your comment. Does it relate to the story of Range meeting with local citizens to address their concerns about drilling? MDN is not a place to “vent in general” about the inequities of the world. Please keep your comments relevant to the topic of the article.