EQT Chairman Murry Gerber Speaks Bluntly About the Marcellus Shale and America’s Energy Future

EQT Corp is a large energy company with 500,000 net acres of land leased in the Marcellus Shale. Having drilled 21 Marcellus gas wells in 2010 already, and with plans to drill 100 wells total this year, EQT is a major player in the Marcellus. So when the Chairman and former CEO of EQT, Murry Gerber, delivers a speech in Pittsburgh at the Rivers Club, he’s someone to listen closely to. Among his choice comments at the Rivers Club:

“The Marcellus Shale will be more important to this region than the blast furnace ever was … as long as we don’t screw it up.”

“America needs to move with a position of more independence to its energy needs. (No country has) survived without the energy to fuel its manufacturing. We are dangerously close to achieving that status.”*

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*Pittsburgh Business Times (May 11) – EQT’s Murry Gerber speaks of Marcellus Shale’s importance