Oxford Landowner Coalition Merges with CNY Land Coalition

Two very active landowner groups in Upstate New York have agreed to merge. Here’s the official letter from CNY Land Coalition President Brian Conover:

Oxford Coalition Is Merging With The CNY Landowner’s Coalition

In what promises to be a win-win for both coalitions, the Oxford Coalition, which has been under the leadership of Bryant LaTourette, is merging with our coalition. Serious discussions for this merger began about 7 weeks ago and after a number of very positive conversations, both sides have agreed that we can accomplish more for our common cause if we work as one.

It Makes Sense

For many reasons, this move makes perfect sense for both coalitions.

  • We share the same coalition range. This merger doesn’t expand our coalition range since the Oxford groups exists within our current landowner focus.
  • We share many of the same members. Although not identical, there are a number of landowners that have membership in both the CNY coalition and the Oxford coalition.
  • This will make our coalition properties more contiguous causing us to be more attractive to interested gas companies.
  • Both coalitions have the same priorities of protecting our treasured properties with a landowner friendly lease while also negotiating the best possible financial terms for gas development.

The Oxford Coalition

The Oxford Coalition has worked very hard for over 2 years to build a good nucleus of landowners in Chenango County to be better prepared for the gas development that was occurring around them.  Due to their efforts, they were able to educate their neighbors to the strategies of interested gas companies and warn them of the traps of boilerplate leases and the dangers of giving away a pipeline easement. They have had a very successful endeavor.

It’s Time To Join Forces:

For the past couple of months the two coalitions have already been doing some work together – mainly on the political front. Bryant LaTourette along with others from his coalition committee have been working in concert with us and the Joint Landowner’s Coalition to have a stronger political force in battling those desiring to place additional moratoriums on natural gas drilling in NY. Together we have accomplished more. By linking with this coalition we will now be contiguous with more acreage, we will maintain our same legal representation with Levene, Gouldin and Thompson and will in no way sacrifice our priorities as a coalition. Your current CNY leadership team will remain intact and will utilize some of the Oxford Group’s steering committee as we move forward together. Over a year ago some of you mentioned on our coalition website that a merger like this would be a great move for our coalition – we couldn’t agree with you more.

Feel Free To Ask Questions:

Hearing an announcement like this may have already brought questions to your mind.  We want to answer those questions as best as we can. Please take the time to email your questions to [email protected] or email Brian Conover direct at [email protected]. The questions asked along with their answers will be posted on our website discussion board for all to understand.

I am very confident of this strategic move for our coalition and believe that this is coming at just the right time to be a win-win for both groups. Thank you for your input and support for the CNY Landowner’s Coalition.

On Behalf of the Steering Committee,

Brian Conover