New Landowner Resource: Website Catalogs Full Text and Details of 50K Lease Deals in PA and OH

For landowners who are considering leasing their property for gas drilling, or for those who have already leased, you now have an important new resource to research the lease deals others have received:

If you’re curious how much your neighbor or friend (or nemesis) stands to benefit from Marcellus Shale drilling, Paul Gitnik has the answer.

He and his team of programmers and data entry scribes have compiled a database of more than 50,000 oil and gas leases across 13 Pennsylvania counties, and three Ohio counties, which you can peruse for free.

To see the lease documents, fork over $6 a pop.

In case you’re wondering, is the first website to combine all of this information in one place, and, while there are still documents to load and kinks to tame, this is a pretty a monumental feat if you consider that some counties, such as Fayette, only have the documents available on paper.*

*Pittsburgh Business Times (Jun 16, 2011) – Browse other people’s fortunes at new Marcellus website