Ohio Gov. Kasich Signs Law Opening State Parks to Oil and Gas Drilling

Ohio Gov. John Kasich yesterday signed into law a new measure that allows oil and gas drilling in state parks.

House Bill 133 will allow oil and gas drilling in the state’s parks. The oil and gas deposits drawing attention in Ohio are known as Utica Shale, a rock formation 3,000 to 7,000 feet below the better-known Marcellus Shale, itself several thousand feet below the surface.

Kasich has said drilling will lead to a new stream of revenue for the state. As an example, Pennsylvania collected $128 million last year by leasing drilling rights in its forests and recently allowed drilling in its parks. But the bill was approved over heavy opposition from environmental groups.*

*Cleveland The Plain Dealer (Jun 30, 2011) – Ohio Gov. John Kasich has busy day signing budget, guns-in-bars, park drilling, other bills