MDN Weekly Update – Sept 25, 2011: Vandalism at Drilling Sites

Poll resultsBelow are the results of last week’s poll on whether or not local governments should be able to ban drilling.

Should local municipalities have the power to ban gas drilling?

No (70%, 190 Votes)
Yes (26%, 72 Votes)
Not sure (4%, 10 Votes)

Total Voters: 272

Should vandalism at drilling sites be considered an act of terrorism?

This past week MDN reported on a case of “vandalism” at a drilling site in Indiana County, PA (see MDN story here). There were some comments on that story taking MDN to task for not waiting to find out who the perpetrator is. MDN says it doesn’t take a genius to figure out it’s an anti-driller gone amok. Someone who’s finally gone over the edge. Could it be a simple case of vandalism? Perhaps. But not very likely in MDN’s opinion.

So MDN wades into controversial waters once again, this week by asking the question: If people who are opposed to drilling perpetrate crimes against drillers by damaging equipment, should that be considered an act of domestic terrorism? MDN thinks it’s a fair question and an issue we should address.

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