Trumbull County, OH to Get First Utica Shale Well in June

Utica Shale drilling is coming in June to Trumbull County, Ohio. CNX Gas, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CONSOL Energy, just received a permit to drill its first well in the county.

Trumbull County has recorded its first Utica Shale well permit. Drilling is expected by June.

According to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, a horizontal hydraulic fracturing well was permitted on April 16 across from the Wollam Farm on Warren Sharon Road in Vienna.

Roadwork will begin by Saturday, and drilling is expected about June 9, according to CONSOL Energy subsidiary CNX Gas Co. spokeswoman Lynn Seay.

She said the well is only exploratory, and she is uncertain whether they will seek a permit for a horizontal extension to the well at a later date.

"We’re still evaluating the potential of the Utica Shale within our acreage in the county at this point," she said.

She also addressed what residents can expect over the next few months.

"Residents can expect to see clearing on the site, installation of safety procedures, such as the digging of a containment pond and liners covering the surface of the drilling pad, as well as installation of key infrastructure needs such as access roads to the drilling pad and trailers moving on-site to house drilling personnel and other necessary equipment."*

*Warren (OH) Tribune Chronicle (Apr 25, 2012) – Drilling work to start in Vienna