Obama Wins – Americans Lose

national suicideWe pause on this day after the re-election of Barack H. Obama to grieve the national suicide of the United States of America, because that’s what happened yesterday. MDN believes it’s hard to overstate how profoundly another four years of an Obama administration—and an out-of-control EPA—will negatively impact the U.S. energy industry. Look for more irrational hatred of fossil fuels, and the emboldening of radical leftists to try and end all drilling for natural gas and oil in this country. Look for more Solyndras and other failed so-called green tech companies (nothing more than political graft). Look for the miracle of hydraulic fracturing to be in the crosshairs of the Obama EPA. Look for the oil and gas industry to be compared to, denigrated and targeted like the tobacco industry. Frankly, it’s a nightmare we won’t wake up from.

So “thank you” to the 50.5% of my fellow citizens who have created this national nightmare. You’ll so richly get what you deserve—the rapid erosion of your freedom, higher taxes, higher fuel prices, fewer choices, and despair. MDN will be here every step of the way to remind you of what you have done—that is, until the Obama censors finally rip up the First Amendment and shut us down.