Marcellus & Utica Shale Story Links: Fri, Feb 8, 2013

The “best of the rest” – stories that caught MDN’s eye that you may be interested in reading:

New York

Fracked with indecision
New York Post
Here he goes again. Every time Gov. Cuomo comes close to meeting one of his own deadlines to approve fracking, he finds another excuse for delay – which starts the whole process all over again.

Fracking debate rages
The Daily Advertiser
The state may miss a key deadline in its analysis of hydraulic fracturing if the Department of Health recommends new safety measures, New York’s top environmental regulator said Monday.

In Meeting, Buffalo Sabres Owner Made Case for Fracking
WGRZ-TV Buffalo
Terry Pegula, the billionaire owner of the Buffalo Sabres and Rochester Americans, made his fortune drilling for natural gas in the Marcellus Shale, the massive rock formation that stretches across a large swath of the Northeast.

Trenton, NY community voices their opinions on hydrofracking to town board
WKTV Channel 2
The Trenton Town Board held a public hearing Wednesday night on whether they should extend a moratorium on hydrofracking. Their current ban is set to expire February 22nd.


Memo to John Kasich: America May Not Need Ohio’s Oil
I expect there will be similar discoveries in less-hostile political climates during the next several years. If so, oil companies will be able to get very selective about where they choose to do business.


Making Shale inclusive
New Pittsburgh Courier Online
In its ongoing mission to build capacity for Black-owned businesses, the African American Chamber of Commerce’s Business Institute recently held a forum on the regional shale industry to give its members a better idea of where business opportunities are.

Interview with Governor Corbett
WNEP Channel 16
Reporter: “Is there any inconsistency you see in leveling this tax on gas wholesalers and no tax on the natural gas industry?” Governor Corbett: “Not at all. The natural gas industry has been paying an impact fee, and it’s totally false when you say no tax on the natural gas industry.”

Measuring emissions from natural gas industry
Pittsburgh Business Times
This is what we know so far: the 26 major operators drilling in the eastern Appalachian Basin in 2011 reported emitting 5,122,985 metric tons of carbon dioxide equivalent in greenhouse gasses. About 63 percent of that came from methane emissions. Most of the rest was carbon dioxide.

West Virginia

Pipeline to cross under Brooke trail
Weirton Daily Times
The Brooke County Commission will receive about $2,000 for allowing a natural gas transmission line to be extended under the Brooke County Pioneer Trail about a half-mile south of the Wheeling Culvert Plant near Beech Bottom.


A safer fracking liquid?
Marietta Times
Hoping to improve public opinion and address concerns from environmental groups about the process of hydraulic fracturing, those in the oil and gas industries are taking steps toward improving the liquids used in fracking.

Compressed Natural Gas Is Catching On
Motley Fool
Following the latest announcement for more than 900 new buses fueled by natural gas for Los Angeles and San Diego’s public transport needs, it’s now clear that compressed natural gas, or CNG, is really catching on with fleet operators.

Market Snapshot: Natural gas production continues to climb despite reduced drilling
SNL Financial
After peaking at an all-time high of 1,606 in August 2008, gas rigs in the U.S. have declined significantly over the past four years as economics continuously favor more profitable oil-rich plays and improvements in technology have allowed operators to produce more natural gas with fewer rigs.

Shale gas exports will strengthen U.S. economy
Marietta Times
In an effort to block exports of natural gas, an assorted mix of politicians, pundits and anti-oil and gas groups is pulling out all the stops.

The President’s Energy Policy Hypocrisy
Wilson County News
President Obama can rightfully be accused of many things — but not a rigid adherence to consistency. As he inaccurately rails against the oil and natural gas industry’s “unfair” tax breaks, he’s doling out billions to that industry’s competitors.

Billionaire Carl Icahn Is Making Good On His Promises
Motley Fool
Icahn had this to say regarding McClendon’s departure…

Will Natural Gas Fall to $2?
Motley Fool
The natural gas market continued to cool down as prices declined despite the cold weather. Will natural gas reach the low prices recorded at the first half of 2012?