Shale Insight 2013: Final Wrap-Up, The Big Surprise

Shale Insight 2013 closed with a bang. The inimitable Newt Gingrinch gave the closing keynote address on Thursday to a considerably smaller crowd than was assembled on Wednesday, which was the main day of the event. MDN editor Jim Willis heard Mr. Newt and other keynote addresses and will share his insights on Shale Insight below. However, there was one outstanding surprise at this year’s event compared to last year: No protesters. Or at least very few (literally less than a dozen). Although prior to the event the media hyped (hoped for?) the possibility of mass protests at this year’s event–but it just didn’t happen.

The event organizers were certainly prepared for protesters. Jim noticed security at this year’s event was much more prevalent than last year. You could not walk 10 feet without seeing a security person inside the Philadelphia Convention Center–and that’s not an exaggeration. Last year Jim had to “walk the line” and cut through protesters blocking the front doors (one of the few brave souls to do so before the police came to scatter them). This year? Nothing.  Nada. A single sign about water being a “human right” draped on the front steps of a church across the street from the convention center. Jim was disappointed! He came prepared to interview protesters–but there were none to be found when he wandered outside.

What about inside the Convention Center? Inside it was all (shale) business…

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