NY Farm Bureau “Shoots Down” Anti-Fracking Plank at State Meeting

The New York Farm Bureau is a grassroots organization made up of volunteers–farmers–to lobby for agricultural issues. It is a superlative organization. The folks who belong are salt of the earth types of people–people who don’t want their land ruined because they make their living from the land. If anyone is concerned about the potential harm from hydraulic fracturing, it is the farmers on whose land the procedure will be done. They have a vested interest in ensuring their land remains workable.

So it’s no small thing that some farmers introduced a resolution that calls for a ban on fracking in New York. And it’s also no small thing that the resolution was voted down–overwhelmingly–by the majority of members. That is, New York farmers have looked across the border to their farming cousins in Pennsylvania, and over in Ohio, and in West Virginia, and they see that fracking has not harmed the land there and have rightly concluded it would work just fine here in New York too…

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