Waterless Fracker ecorpStim (Mis)Uses Newsjacking for Attention

MDN has followed eCORP Stimulation Technologies (“ecorpStim”) for some time now with interest (see our previous stories about eCORP here). ecorpStim has pioneered a waterless fracking technology that uses pure propane–supposedly non-flammable and very safe. We applaud their inventiveness and their tenacity it trying to catch attention for their technology–a technology that costs a lot more than water-based fracking.

What we’re a bit unsettled by, though, is the way they’ve taken to newsjacking. What’s newsjacking, you say? It’s a recent trend in marketing of issuing a press release or otherwise injecting your company (or yourself) into a prominent news story not about you or your company in order to capture attention for you or your company. ecorpStim has been doing that lately. And the way they do it makes you think the big news story is perhaps about their company–when it isn’t. Two cases in point…

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