Gastar’s Marcellus/Utica Production Goes DOWN in 2014 – Why?

Gastar Exploration is an independent oil and gas driller with active drilling programs in the Hunton Limestone horizontal play, the Woodford Shale and the Meramec Shale–all three of which occupy roughly the same acreage in the Mid-Continent area. Of interest to MDN is Gastar’s program in West Virginia and Pennsylvania, where they drill in both the Marcellus and now the Utica Shale layers. At last check-in Gastar owns 58,900 acres of leases in the northeast. As we reported in February, Gastar plans to spend a minimal amount drilling in the northeast in 2015–essentially just completing a few wells already drilled (see Gastar Finishing 5 Wells, Then Idling Rigs in Marcellus/Utica). In their 2014 year-in-review, Gastar reports year over year production in the Marcellus/Utica went down–a story we don’t often see. Usually production goes up. Why down for Gastar? They drilled and brought fewer wells online in the Marcellus/Utica in 2014 than in previous years. Here’s the Appalachin Basin section from Gastar’s 2014 update…

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