Cabot Hosts Sporting Clays Tourney, Raises $110K for Local College

sporting claysOnce again the great people at Cabot Oil & Gas have done it again. Back in 2012 the company helped raise $4.4 million for a local hospital in Susquehanna County, PA, with half of the money contributed by Cabot (see Cabot Effort Raises $4.4 Million for PA Physicians Clinic). Last year Cabot donated a $2.5 million gift to northeast PA’s Lackawanna College (see Cabot Oil & Gas Does it Again – $2.5 Million Gift to Lackawanna College). Cabot remains very active in the NEPA community as a vital, contributing member of the community. Last week Cabot hosted their 2015 Fall Classic Sporting Clay Tourney and raised ANOTHER $110,000 for the Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas. Kind of obliterates the antis lies about evil Big Oil & Gas companies arriving to rape and pillage Mother Earth and damage the communities where they operate…

From the Cabot “Well Said” blog site:

Less than one week ago the weather was beautiful, the autumn colors had just begun to creep into the foliage in northeastern Pennsylvania and 400 people came out to take a shot at the 2015 Fall Classic Sporting Clay Tourney.

Once again the goal of the tournament – besides having a blast on one of the three scenic courses – was to raise money for Lackawanna College School of Petroleum & Natural Gas.

And we are excited to say that we blew away our targeted goal and can announce a grand total of $110,000 raised for the School!

A round of thanks:

The 2015 Fall Classic Sporting Clay Tourney would not have been even HALF as successful if not for our wonderful sponsors, participants and volunteers.

  • We had 55 students and faculty from the School volunteer their time to help with everything from registration to stocking the the courses to selling hundreds of raffle tickets – all with smiles on their faces.
  • At 400 shooters this is by far the largest tournament we have ever hosted. A special shout out to Excel Site Rentals for making sure everyone was fed and for Northeast Diversified for bringing much needed caffeine in the morning.
  • And of course a huge round of thank yous goes out to all of our sponsors for their equipment donations, financial support, swag giveaways and raffle prize donations.

2015 Sponsors

Ragin' Raffle Sponsors


A roundup of the 2015 Fall Classic Sporting Clay Tourney numbers:

FINAL Sporting Clay Infographic

WNEP Power to Save:

The evening before the sporting clay tournament, WNEP premiered a new Power to Save segmentfocusing on the importance of the event and how the School of Petroleum & Natural Gas benefits from the funds raised.

For some cool pictures of the event, click here.