Exxon: We DO Believe in Mythical Global Warming! We Do We Do!

I do believe in fairiesWe find it kind of funny, and kind of sad, that the mighty Exxon Mobil is reduced to groveling like they did yesterday in a press release in which they say, in essence, “We DO believe in global warming. We do we do we do!” Apparently the company was stung by criticism from from a couple of radical anti-fossil fuel rags–InsideClimate News and the Los Angeles Times–and by follow-on criticism from four communists, two in the United States Senate and two in the House of Representatives: Sen. Bernie Sanders (running for president), Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, Rep. Ted Lieu and Rep. Mark DeSaulnier. What? Communists in our own government? No, we’re not mistaken nor are we using hyperbole. We’re using accurate language. Look up the definition of communism and tell us we’re wrong. Radical environmentalism is the new home of communism and these four politicians are disciples of that philosophy. Following mischaracterizations of Exxon’s true believer status by the anti-fossil fuel rags, the four commie pols piled on, so Exxon, the largest publicly traded oil & gas company in the world (so they claim), felt it had to defend it’s true-believer status in a press release, which is really kind of pathetic…

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