Aubrey McClendon’s Death Still a Mystery – Suicide or Distracted Driving?

AubreyMcClendon.jpgMore details are coming from an investigation into the one-vehicle crash that killed Aubrey McClendon on March 2nd (see Stunned: Former Chesapeake CEO Aubrey McClendon Dies in Car Crash). From the beginning, investigators have implied McClendon’s death was a suicide. They didn’t say it outright–but they certainly indicated it with their language. He was going “at a high rate of speed” and “didn’t hit his breaks” before driving into the concrete wall holding up a bridge. We later found out his friends wouldn’t give him any more money, which seems to support the suicide theory (see WSJ: Aubrey McClendon was in Debt Up to His Eyeballs). The black box in Aubrey’s SUV has been examined (did you know your vehicle has a black box?), and investigators say Aubrey was driving at speeds up to 89 miles per hour, and when he crashed into the bridge support, he hit it going 78 mph. Although he tapped on the brakes a few times in the moments before hitting, Aubrey never pressed down on the brakes hard. However, friends say Aubrey was known to drive fast and multi-task, using his cell phone. So we’re still left wondering–was it suicide? Or distracted driving?…

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