Siluria Appoints Former Shell Exec Robert Trout as CEO

Robert Trout
Robert Trout

A new company we first reported on in May is Siluria Technologies (see New Tech Converts NatGas into Ethylene, Bypassing Cracker Plants). We’re excited about Siluria because of their intriguing technology that converts natural gas directly into useful petrochemicals, bypassing in-between steps like using ethane crackers. Very cool stuff. In early May Siluria picked up an Italian partner (see Siluria Gets Partner to Convert Methane Directly into Petrochems). In June the company picked up a French partner (see Siluria’s Disruptive Technology Gets French Partner – Air Liquide). The company has momentum. Now comes word that Siluria has a new CEO, a high-ranking Shell executive who spent his entire career at Shell. This is very good news indeed…

Siluria Technologies (, a leading innovator of process technologies for the energy and petrochemical industries, is proud to announce the appointment of Robert Trout as the company’s Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Trout will also join Siluria’s Board of Directors.

Mr. Trout brings almost thirty years of relevant experience to Siluria. Prior to joining Siluria, Mr. Trout spent his entire career at Royal Dutch Shell in numerous leadership roles. Most recently, Mr. Trout served as the President of Criterion Catalysts & Technologies where he was responsible for overall integrated strategy related to Shell’s catalyst and licensing businesses, and directly accountable for the global refining catalyst business.

“I am thrilled to join Siluria and work with this world-class team of employees, investors and strategic partners,” said Mr. Trout. “Siluria’s ability to convert natural gas, the world’s most abundant energy source, into high value chemicals and fuels has massive commercial implications and the potential to reshape the energy landscape. We will continue to drive commercialization of this core technology and leverage our recent successes to build upon it. Siluria has the team and facilities to create a sustainable platform for innovative process technologies.”

“We are incredibly pleased to attract someone of Robert’s experience and stature to Siluria,” said Karl Kurz, Chairman of Siluria’s Board of Directors. “Robert’s proven success in driving development of new catalyst technologies, combined with his extensive commercial relationships throughout the petrochemical and refining sectors, will accelerate the path to commercialization for our current revolutionary technology offerings and further the development of Siluria’s next generation of unique energy solutions.”

Mr. Kurz continued, “The entire board wishes to thank Erik Scher for his leadership while serving as Interim CEO and President, and we look forward to his continued contributions working with Robert as a critical member of the executive team.”

About Siluria:
Siluria Technologies is pioneering the commercial production of fuels and chemicals made from clean, abundant natural gas. Siluria’s proprietary technologies address the global petrochemical industry’s complex challenges of volatile commodity prices, shifting supply and demand patterns, stricter environmental regulations, and capitally intensive conventional technologies.

Siluria’s breakthrough Oxidative Coupling of Methane (“OCM”) process is the first commercially-viable process to directly convert methane into ethylene. Siluria’s second process technology can convert ethylene to liquid fuels, such as gasoline, diesel or jet fuel. Both processes enable natural gas to supplement petroleum as the worldwide basis for transportation fuels and commodity chemicals.

Siluria’s innovation platform continues to drive breakthroughs in process technologies. Previously solely focused on producing ethylene and gasoline from natural gas, Siluria’s platform has now expanded to target further addressable markets through broader feedstock slates, and additional valuable petrochemical products. Siluria’s revolutionary catalyst and process technologies uniquely combine nanomaterials, catalyst development, and chemical engineering, to convert low value carbon sources into higher-value products through efficient processes that can be seamlessly integrated into existing industry infrastructure. For more information about Siluria, visit*

*Siluria Technologies (Aug 25, 2016) – Siluria Appoints Robert Trout as Chief Executive Officer