Saudi War on American Frackers Led to More Productive U.S. Wells

harder_better_faster_stronger1The Saudis sure didn’t see this one coming. Back in 2014 Saudi Arabia and their toadies in OPEC declared open war on the American shale industry. The aim was to bankrupt our shale drillers by pumping so much oil for so cheap, that our small potatoes drillers would go out of business. The thinking was that the Kingdom could outlast our private companies–for years if necessary. And sure enough, some of our o&g companies have gone bankrupt–nearly 100 of them since 2015. But here’s what happened along the way–the unintended consequence. Good old American ingenuity kicked in and our companies innovated–figured out how to drill for less money and get even more oil (and gas) out of the ground while doing it. That is, the Saudis’ action in trying to bury us was to make us better and stronger. One of the major ways we became better and stronger was through the lowly grain of silicon–as in sand. Can anyone say, “mega-frack”?…

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