API Runs “I Am An Energy Voter” Ads – Are They Effective?

energy-voterIf you’re anything like us, you’re TIRED of the political commercials that play ad nauseam on television and radio. At least with junk mail and newspaper advertisements you can safely ignore them. But lately the political commercials for local races (not even counting Trump & Clinton) on TV and radio threatens our sanity. Watching the evening news is impossible due to these commercials. But our eyes and ears perked up we heard a different kind of political ad–something called, “I am an energy voter.” The ads were created and are sponsored/paid for by the American Petroleum Institute. Just prior to the election the API has ramped up these ads, extolling the virtues of oil and gas production, and encouraging voters to consider casting a vote “for” energy. We’ve heard these ads on local radio and TV. As good as these ads are, we found ourselves wondering, what is a vote “for” energy, anyway? The ads are nonpartisan–they don’t identify a candidate that is “for” energy. So we wonder if these ads, while good, are just a big vanity spend on the part of the API. Are the ads having an impact? Is the message of being “for” oil and gas being driven into viewers’ psyches?…

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