Chevron Recertified as Safe Driller; CSSD Changes Name to CRSD

In March 2013, the Center for Sustainable Shale Development (CSSD) burst onto the scene. It had been a closely guarded secret, the creation of a few hand-picked people from both industry and the environmental movement working together to see if there is any common ground on which both sides can agree that shale development would be safe, sustainable AND affordable. They worked hard for over a year and finally hammered out a set of 15 standards that if a driller (or midstream company or contractor) would meet, it would get a stamp of approval from both the industry and environmental groups as being a good goobie–a safe driller. In Sept. 2014 the CSSD announced they have certified their very first driller–one of their founding members–Chevron (see CSSD Bestows First Certification for Sustainable Drilling: Chevron). Apparently a cert lasts for a little over two years. Yesterday the CSSD announced Chevron has achieved recertification, a new milestone for the CSSD program. Except it’s no longer called the CSSD. Somewhere along the line (not sure when) the organization changed its name from the Center for Sustainable Shale Development to the Center for Responsible Shale Development (CRSD)…

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