NGI’s “Forward Look” Price Curves Now Cover 79 Key Markets


Did you know that NGI’s “Forward Look” Price Curves now cover 79 key markets? Robust forwards data for decision-making and risk management in 2017 is more important than ever and NGI has you covered.

Forward Look provides daily updates of fixed & basis forward curves out 5+ years at 79 key markets. The data is emailed out each morning and downloadable via XLS. A weekly analysis piece is emailed out each week, giving you insights into the data. Speaking of insights…

NGI asked their analysts why you should care about Forward Look now more than ever. They’ve answered, and answered with vigor…

1. Many are unaware that the Henry Hub is no longer a good proxy for prices across the U.S. Most of the country is now trading at a discount to the Hub so, by using the Henry Hub futures curve as the basis for their analysis, they may be coming up with unrealistic expectations of future prices.

2. The forward market is an excellent tool to glimpse market expectation of forthcoming changes to the supply/demand balance such as new pipelines being built.

3. Some of these folks may be making decisions by using a snapshot of the forward curve that they get once a month by pinging a contact of that has access to the data. Many do not realize that these prices can change significantly on a day-to-day basis.

4. Key natural gas pipelines being built/delayed, such as at Dominion South (Rover, Nexus), Dawn (Rover, Nexus, Canadian Mainline), and Waha & South Texas (various proposed new pipelines) change the way that users view and trade against forward data.

5. Due to the laws of arbitrage, prompt month forward prices generally converge with the cash market as Bidweek approaches. If you trade Bidweek, you need Forward Look.

6. Want to compare forward curves today with what they were last year or the year before? NGI has historical data as far back as October 2012. Contact us for more information.