MDN Launches Redesigned Web Site – We’d Like Your Feedback

Starting today you will notice changes on the MDN website. A new “look and feel” for the site. The overall architecture remains the same–same menu items, same layout of where stories are located, etc. The fonts and colors and use of white space has changed, hopefully making it easier to read on your computer screen. Please note there are likely a few issues with the new site. As much as we test and review, it seems like something always slips through the cracks. So we want your feedback. Have a look around, and tell us what you like/don’t like about the new look. And if you find any problems/issues, please alert us right away. Send your comments to: [email protected].

Also note that this is not the end, but just the beginning. We promise to “go slow,” but there will be more changes coming in the months ahead as we work to drag the MDN website into the 21st Century. Any recommendations you have for adding new features or changes, send those to Jim as well. Thanks for your patience as we work to improve the MDN-reading experience.

Jim Willis, Founder & Editor