Important Information About MDN Login

A quick note about the Marcellus Drilling News website. Two months ago I began a journey of updating the MDN website. The site has not had a major redesign since it began in 2009 (shame on me!). Hey, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it, right? The technologies that power the internet have profoundly changed since MDN was launched. It’s time to keep up with the changes. So in early October I launched a new “look and feel” for the website. The feedback was positive–thank you! However, the changes are not yet done. One such change is being forced by Google…

Until last night, MDN pages loaded using the http protocol, as in typing Google wants all pages, particularly on business sites like MDN, to load on the https protocol–the “s” standing for “secure”. I hired a programmer to help and last night the change was made. You will now notice the pages load like this: Don’t worry, the MDN site was plenty secure prior to change. I have numerous services and software packages in place monitoring the site to prevent hacking.

However, as often happens with these kinds of technology upgrades, there has been a couple of unintended consequences. First thing you will notice is that when you click to view a story, you will be required to login–even if your browser normally “remembers” you and logs you in automatically. If you can’t remember your username and/or password, send me an email at [email protected] and I will send you your username and I will reset the password.

Second thing you will notice is that if you close the MDN website in your browser after having logged in, and then open it again later, you will be required to log in all over again. The site doe not (as it used to) remember your credentials and automatically log you in. I do not know why this is happening. I’m working with my programmer to figure it out. Until we have a fix, I wanted to alert you to the situation, so you understand why it’s happening.

I appreciate your patience while I continue to improve the site. Next up after https is 100% in place and your browser remembers your credentials will be a project to refine the mobile interface. A lot of people are reading the site on smart phones these days. Stay tuned!

Jim Willis
Editor, Founder
Marcellus Drilling News