Must-See Video on “Climate Change”

It’s time to confront the “climate change” debate head on, since so-called man-made global warming (now renamed climate change) is supposedly caused by burning fossil fuels. We have a *must watch* video from the creative folks at Clear Energy Alliance that does a masterful job of skewering the climate change hoax that everyone seems to believe in. PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO!

In order to know if a scientific theory may be true, there must be a way to demonstrably prove it to be false. Unfortunately, many climate change scientists, the media and activists are ignoring this cornerstone of science.

In the bizarre new world in which we live, all unwelcome climate events are “caused” by “climate change.” Ever notice that? If it’s really hot–that’s climate change. If it’s really cold–yep, climate change. The global warming theory says by burning fossil fuels carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere forming a canopy that traps in heat. So how can you have colder than normal temps when supposedly a canopy traps heat and warms the entire earth? It’s all nonsensical gibberish.

As legendary scientific philosopher Karl Popper noted, “A theory that explains everything, explains nothing.”

PLEASE open your mind to the possibility that man-made global warming (i.e. climate change) is a crock. Stay open-minded about it, OK? Use your rational brain and don’t cave to political and peer pressure.

The simple fact is modern life is only possible, has been made possible, by fossil fuels. Everything from transportation to telecommunication to medicine (plastics) comes as a result of fossil fuels. They are not evil. They are not causing catastrophic global warming. They are, in fact, good. And you/we need to be unashamed in promoting that fact.