Brief Update on COVID-19 Diagnosis & Progress

A huge “thank you” for the hundreds and hundreds of well wishes and prayers for my wife and myself following our COVID-19 diagnosis. I am completely humbled and moved by your kind words of encouragement. I’m happy to report we have both turned a corner. This disease is long and tough and at least for us, there is no quick resolution. We still have coughs, periodic fever, etc., but the symptoms are lessening. We feel better. I suspect it will be at least another week before we will see the end of our symptoms…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this disease, it is that everyone responds differently. Even my wife and I had some different symptoms! I’ve heard from MDN subscribers who either personally experienced COVID or had friends and family who contracted the disease. One of my subscribers who emailed me tragically lost her husband to this dread disease. Others were affected for only a few days and life quickly returned to normal.

My best description of my own experience is that it has been like a flu bug that just holds on for a long time. The worst part (for me) was psychological–wondering if the disease would soon take a turn for the worst and “head for the lungs” as it sometimes will do a week or so after first symptoms. Fortunately, that did not happen for my wife and me. Yet every day you wonder–is today the day it suddenly gets worse?

A shout out to my primary care physician (nurse practitioner, actually). She was and continues to be superb through this whole process. She calls to check on us and offers us both encouragement. We are so fortunate to have her as our primary care “doctor.”

We are truly blessed. We give God thanks for our friends and family who have supplied meals and checked on us, and for you, my cherished MDN readers, for your prayers and kind words. Thank you!

– Jim Willis, Editor