Reminder – Central New York Landowner Coalition to Meet April 9th, Topic: Anti-Gas Activism Targeted at Town Boards

For landowners who belong to the Central New York Landowner’s Coalition (a very large coalition in Upstate NY), there will be an all-coalition meeting on Saturday, April 9th to discuss recent developments by those opposed to drilling. The coalition believes drilling permits are likely to start being issued soon, and those who oppose drilling are now “taking the fight” to local town boards in an attempt to regulate and prevent drilling. The coalition wants to address that issue.

MDN will be on hand to cover the proceedings of this event.

From the announcement:


Saturday, April 9th, 2011
The Unadilla Valley Central School
4238 State Highway 8, New Berlin, NY 13411

The SGEIS is due out in 2 months, negotiations are heating up and the anti-gas activists are trying to sway your town boards to ban drilling.  It’s time to hear the latest info on our chats with the industry and to unite on a strategy to protect your landowner rights at the town level.  Our coalition maps will be posted and committee members will be available for your questions.  Plus we’ll equip you with everything you need to be sure your town doesn’t strip you of your landowner rights and privileges.

9:30-11:30 Meeting – Last Names beginning with A-K
1:30-3:30 Meeting – Last Names beginning with L-Z

This is an important meeting to attend.  If the state continues on the path to complete the SGEIS and allow permitting, and if we win the battle on the town level, our next meeting after this one very well could be the one meeting that we have been waiting for.  However, if we don’t come to this meeting to be equipped to win at the town level, we may be waiting for a long time to see any drilling take place in our region.  We look forward to seeing you on the 9th.

  • Bob Rosen

    “However, if we don’t come to this meeting to be equipped to win at the town level, we may be waiting for a long time to see any drilling take place in our region.”

    Hey, you’ve got that right. A long long time.

    And exactly how are you guys planning to “win at the town level”?

    You’re too late. See you in court.

  • Jim Willis

    I sincerely hope you’re wrong Bob. Fortunately not all property rights guaranteed under the Constitution have been lost. I think some court challenges would be a great thing as it will settle it once and for all. And I predict the outcome may not be what you prefer.

  • FightingforMYrights

    Don’t forget.. we have ‘nuisance’ laws here. You drill and infect my water, you pay for it.
    AND nuisance includes, the air around my house, my land, my water….
    So while you may have ‘certain rights’ don’t ‘test my patience’, because the money you make, may just end up being mine!

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