Cabot Oil’s Actions Help Lower Gas Levels in PA Water Wells

Several local water wells near the drilling operations of Cabot Oil in Dimock, Pennsylvania have been contaminated with natural gas. According to the Binghamton Press & Sun-Bulletin, somehow (no one yet knows exactly how), Cabot penetrated the very deep Devonian geological formation that released the gas into an aquifer that feeds local drinking wells in a small area near one of Cabot’s drilling sites. Four area homes have been affected to the point they need fresh water trucked in.

Cabot has been completely transparent through the entire process and is paying for the water needed by the four homes. Cabot has worked closely with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to investigate and remediate the problem.

The P&SB article dutifully reports “both sides” of the drilling issue, with an obvious slant against drilling by throwing in a few fear-factor paragraphs. Kudos to Cabot for taking responsibility and for working hard to understand why this happened in the first place, with an eye toward preventing it from happening again.

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