Marcellus Anti-Drilling Protesters Assemble in Cooperstown Outside SPE Convention

The Daily Star (Oneonta) reports that upward of 50 protesters from the Southern Tier and central New York gathered outside of Otesaga Hotel in Cooperstown to voice their disapproval of drilling in the Marcellus. Inside the hotel was a meeting/convention of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).

The Daily Star dutifully recounts the nightmarish (and inaccurate) party line of anti-drilling proponents. But to their credit, The Daily Star also reports a few counter arguments from a few people who are in the know and educated about these things–the engineers attending the SPE meeting whose job it is to safely get gas (and oil) from the ground.

Read the full article: 50 protest gas drilling at Otesaga

  • dontletgreedwin

    Why do these people protest drilling? They are are, for the most part, very educated people, some with advanced degrees in biology, chemistry, geology. Many are landowners that could make a fortune by leasing their land. They are outnumbered by the apathetic majority. They are outfinanced by the oil and gas industry. Why do they even try? What’s in it for them? It’s almost as if they are really and deeply concerned about the environment! Can you imagine?!!