Steuben County League of Women Voters Go on Record as Anti-Drilling in the Marcellus

It seems anti-drilling groups, although small in numbers, are popping up like dandelions in the spring. The latest is the Steuben County League of Women Voters, a supposedly non-partisan group (but that’s a lie, LWV is an extremely partisan group). WENY-TV has video from a recent meeting held by the League. The meeting started with a propaganda movie about drilling in Colorado to whip up the crowd.

Read the account and watch the WENY segment: Steuben County League of Women Voters Holds Natural Gas Drilling Meeting

  • lawright

    Landowner groups and citizen’s coalitions organized around gas drilling issues share much in common–namely, the goal of responsibility to public health and environmental concerns, not to mention the economic viability of this costly, financially complex industry. I refuse to paint this issue as “us against them” when it comes to my neighbors, whether they hold leases or not. The “us” is NYS citizens. The “them” is the gas corporations.

  • kjmilow

    The LWV is non–partisan in that it does not back or endorse candidates. It does, however, take positions on issues after hearing both sides of an issue.

  • kjmilow

    I watched the clip and did not see that LWV was “anti-drilling”. It looked like they wanted to learn more about the issue. If a group has a gas company speak are the automatically “pro-drilling”?

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