Exxon Leases 19,400 Acres in Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale

From a Reuters news story on the Financial 24 website:

Exxon Mobil Corp, the world’s largest publicly traded company, has leases on 19,400 acres in the Marcellus Shale, a formation that is said to hold vast amounts of natural gas.

In September, Exxon bid $85.2 million for 18 blocks in the Marcellus, a large shale formation that runs through parts of New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Exxon, based in Irving, Texas, was the high bidder on six Marcellus blocks, paying a total of $22.4 million for acreage in Tioga and Lycoming counties in Pennsylvania, company spokesman Patrick McGinn, said.

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  • Hi my name is David.I would like to get in contact with Exxon gas and oil company. Marcellus shale drilling .I have 168.9 acres. In West Virginia.please e-mail me thank you David.

  • Ken Col Sr

    Dear David: I hope for your sake that you do not rely on this land for your drinking water. There is a good chance that if you do Mobil Exxon will be providing you with bottled water some time after you have gone through the necessary law suits too prove it was them who made the water indrinkable. Dorothy

  • Anonymous

    Ken Col Sr. – your comment to David shows your ignorance in the matter. Hydraulic fracturing is very safe, provided you have a proper well shaft construction. While true there could be occurances of gas migration from natural occuring formation fractures, this is rare and happens with or without drilling.