Drilling Permits are “Flying Out the Door” in PA

Philadelphia Inquirer (Nov 2):
Editorial: Shale game

In an editorial, the Philly Inquirer revisits drilling in the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania. The editorial is mostly a rehash of old information and the theme is, “New York’s recently proposed drilling regulations are more strict than Pennsylvania’s, we need to get more strict too.”

But, they also include this bit of detail that’s useful for landowners in PA to know:

Drilling permits are flying out of DEP’s doors. Through Sept. 30, 1,340 Marcellus permits were issued and 385 wells drilled – more than double the number from last year. And the just-completed state budget requires the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources to raise $60 million by leasing up to 10,000 more acres of public forest land to drillers in the next year, a goal driven by a revenue grab rather than environmental stewardship.