Mitsui Investment in Anadarko Projected to Grow from $1.4 to $4 Billion in Next 10 Years – Philadelphia Inquirer (Feb 17)
Japanese firm to invest $1.4 billion in Marcellus operation

The Philadelphia Inquirer has posted a story about the huge investment from Mitsui in Anadarko. As Marcellus Drilling News reported yesterday, Mitsui has purchased a 32.5% stake in Anadarko for $1.4 billion. What was not in the original news release is this tidbit:

The Tokyo company expects to invest up to $4 billion over 10 years in the partnership, which would produce up to 460 million cubic feet of natural gas a day at its peak.

We also learn from the article that 768 Marcellus wells were drilled in Pennsylvania in 2009. Anadarko alone, with Mitsui’s new investment, projects drilling 4,500 wells in PA “in the coming years.”