PA Marcellus Shale Gas is Getting a Pipeline – To Canada!

Vancouver Sun (Feb 22)
Tertzakian: Lessons from a green ice resurfacer’s failure

Will Marcellus Shale gas find a market over the border in Canada? It sure looks that way. An excerpt from an article published in the Vancouver Sun, says, in part:

In fact, the real Energy Story of the Week came in the form of a couple of announcements: two corporate proposals hoping to bring natural gas and liquids from Pennsylvania’s Marcellus shale into Canadian markets. First Nova Chemicals and Buckeye Partners announced a joint memorandum of understanding to develop an NGL pipeline from Pittsburgh to Sarnia. Then, Union Gas announced that they would conduct an open season for a pipeline service that would allow for the shipping of up to 0.75 Bcf/d of natural gas from the Marcellus into Kirkwall, Ontario and through to Dawn.

While there have been countless pipeline expansions and extensions announced recently to transport Marcellus gas into the US Northeast, this is the first major export proposal to pit Pennsylvania gas head-to-head with western Canadian gas, on Canadian soil.

New York State shares one-third of its border with Canada! Unfortunately the Powers That Be in Albany are still diddling away while enterprising states like Pennsylvania are making money.

  • paulspod

    Don’t be surprised if Canada repackages the gas
    and resells it to another border state. Maybe
    even New York Power Authority.

    We need some immediate decisions to start drilling in New York. The Sierra Club and others know that we can balance progress with conservation. We need the jobs and revenues in the form of private and government positions now.

    The obscene sin is having a natural resource
    and not using it’s full potential. It can bring down the price of gas and electricity, convert more coal plants over to NG and use more NG fuel cells for public and private buildings and vehicles. We have already proven the science let’s do it.

    Why has Obama gone nuclear suddenly and overlooked the gas and oil industries development?

    NY state and Patterson need to have a 100 year
    energy policy for New York and if needs be, put
    sunset clauses in it if parts do not work out.

    Lets get it done ! Hello — Cornell can get it done.

  • Jim

    Good comments paulspod. Thanks for leaving them.