New Drilling to Begin in Luzerne County, PA in May or June

According to an article in the Wilkes-Barre Times Leader, drilling company Encana Energy Corp (from Canada) will begin drilling a Marcellus gas well in Lake Township, PA (Luzerne County) starting in May or June. At a recent town meeting, some residents expressed concerns about trucking activity on local roadways. More meetings are planned to answer local residents’ concerns.

For more information, see: Times Leader (Mar 11) – Lake Twp. antsy about gas drilling

  • alicewanderland

    who had their water pretested before drilling and what lab did you use which isn’t linked with the drillers? did you test your water for all the chemicals used to drill with which is going to be risky unless we know what is in the water before they drill and after they drill. those chemicals are invisible so who is testing for what, where and who is the lab you know for sure isn’t working for the gas company and testing water in this area