Encana Paying for Water Testing up to One Mile from Proposed Drilling Site in Luzerne County, PA

To address concerns of area residents, Encana is paying for a baseline water study to be performed for any household up to one mile away from a proposed natural gas well Encana will start drilling in Luzerne County, PA this year:

EnCana is attempting to establish a baseline for water quality and quantity conditions by requesting property owners participate in a water sampling assessment, which will be collected by Rettew Associates, a third-party environmental-testing firm based in Lancaster.

Letters were mailed April 8 to landowners located within a mile radius of the well covering Lake and Lehman townships, and Harveys Lake borough.*

Encana spoke to area residents at a recent meeting in the Lehman Township fire hall to describe the testing procedure and their desire to, “Take every safeguard to not impact your water.”

*Wikes-Barre Times-Leader (Apr 21) – Residents worry about gas drillers contaminating water

  • Water testing before drilling and after drilling then a year later is a must. Water testing must include tests for every toxic chemical now used in the drilling fluids. We have warned you that toxic chemicals are hazardous: endocrinedisruption.com
    Please sign this petition to replace toxic chemicals in the drilling fluids. Know what is in the next glass of water you drink, get your water tested for the hundreds of toxic chemicals now used in the drilling process. Also you can help save a life, please sign this petition:


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  • This is a link to the pdf version of the presentation I gave to the citizens on existing groundwater quality and existing issues in Luzerne County during this outreach event. Presentation dated 4/20/2010.


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    Thank you for posting a link to your presentation Brian.